EXCERPT FROM CYCLE - ONE: A Noble Heist (with access to the full story)

Buffaloe Marketing Note: We are proud to partner with Anchor Coffee Company to do some secret stuff about which we cannot say much more. What we can do is bring you this excerpt from some Lore we discovered.  

Story: Gary Buffaloe
Artwork: Chasity Holcomb 
Editor: Barry Mitchell

Excerpt from Cycle - One: A Noble Heist

I have never thought of myself as a paranoid person. I grew up around conspiracy theorists and apocalyptic preppers, but I trusted people. I believed they would do what was right. That was naive. The most dangerous people are those who believe they are doing the noble thing. Today is the first time I have looked over my shoulder, preparing for the worst from people who are doing what they are convinced is right. In the words of Captain Barbosa, "You best start believin' in conspiracy theories, Mr. Narrator, you're in one." 
There are few in our society who believe this history must be inscribed and copied, so it is preserved for the ages. There are many who would sooner kill me than risk exposure. However, I could not live with myself knowing that this story, and the memory of these brave men and women could die with me, if I did not at least attempt to put it on paper. If you are reading this, you are already part of the revolution.
As I write, the coffee shop is abuzz with town gossip, espresso shots, and steamed milk. The town is returning from its snow day. The roadways are clear, but the hills and ridges remain blanketed in white. Snow comforts me and helps me forget why I am writing from here. I am hiding in plain sight. There is safety in numbers. The same fear of exposure that threatens my life, preserves it. 
The people here have no idea I am in danger. They smile and nod. I nod in kind. It seems surreal, but if my father taught me anything about conspiracies, it's that the best ones are taking place right under your nose, and you have no idea.
This is The Anchor: The Definitive History of the B.C.S: