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On Being a Work-From-Home-Dad: 8 Quick Observations

I’m calling myself a work-from-home-dad. As a freelancer, I continue to write digital marketing content for small businesses and marketing firms, but I do so from home while watching our 11 month old daughter. After a month of working from home, I have made some observations:

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You won't Believe These 6 Lessons Clickbait Teaches Us About Content

We have all been on the hook of a disappointing article baited with a headline we just could not resist. We have all found ourselves un-shocked, unmoved, and unamused by clickbait pieces shared by our “friends” on Facebook. Clickbait is today’s yellow journalism, relying on sensational headlines to drive traffic to websites usually laden with advertisements. Like a worm on a hook, clickbait content generally fails to yield the return the title promised.

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